Minco Gas CO-OP Zone Map


Board of Directors

Chairman – Rod White (Zone 6)

Vise Chairman – Joe Sydora (At Large)

Secretary – Joe Soloway (Zone 4)

Director – Trent Clark (Zone 1)

Director – Willie Sargent (Zone 2)

Director – Darrell Fowler (Zone 3)

Director – Cliff Wowdzia (Zone 5)

Director – Conrad Bieliesh (Zone 7)

Director – Donny Myshak (Zone 8)

Minco Staff

General Manager – Randy Horon

Senior Administrator – Doris Christensen

Administration – Leanne Hlus

Service Technician – Derek Miller

Service Technician – Ross Jackson

Service Technician – Grant Withers

Our Story

Minco had it’s beginning on April 19th, 1972 at an organizational meeting, which was called to look into the feasibility of a natural gas system.  This system was to serve the rural community between Vegreville and Vermilion with natural gas.

Initially, this system was formed under the name of the “County of Minburn Natural Gas Co-op Ltd”.  Later the name was changed to the “Minco Gas Co-op Ltd”

In July of 1974, the Village of Innisfree donated the Old John Deere building to the Gas Co-op for their office. This building still is the office for Minco today.

Pipeline construction began in December of 1974 just southwest of Vermilion.  Minco turned on their first customer on January 12th, 1975.