Pioneering Rural Natural Gas Distribution in Central Alberta

Unveiling the Journey of Minco Gas Co-op Ltd

Celebrating the Team Behind Our Success

The People Behind The Success of
Minco Gas Co-op Ltd

Minco Gas Co-op Ltd.’s remarkable growth and consistent service to its community are a testament to the tireless dedication and invaluable contributions of its staff and Board of Directors. Our team, led by General Manager Grant Withers, ensures the efficient operation of our services, with a steadfast commitment to the cooperative’s mission. Our Board of Directors, chaired by Joe Sydora, effectively guides our strategic direction, each representing different zones of our service area. Together, their collective efforts have been instrumental in shaping Minco Gas Co-op Ltd. into the reliable and customer-focused organization it is today. We are deeply grateful for their work, which continues to drive our success.

The Team on The Front Lines

Staff of Minco Gas Co-op Ltd

Grant Withers General Manager
Lana MacLean Administrator
Derek Miller Field Serviceperson
Ross Jackson Field Serviceperson
Mark Tomlinson Field Serviceperson


The Team Behind The Scenes

Our Board of Directors

Joe Sydora Zone 6 Chairperson
Condrad Bielesch Zone 7 Vice Chairperson
Joe Soloway Zone 4 Secretary
Carter Babij Zone 1
Micheal Yakimetz Zone 5
Sean Myshak Zone 8
Willie Sargeant Zone 2
Rod Cannan Zone 3

Areas We Serve

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How Minco Gas Co-op Ltd Came To Become What It Is Today

Foundation of Minco Gas Co-op Ltd.

After several county meetings to gauge interest, Minco Gas Co-op Ltd. was formed on April 19, 1972, aiming to distribute natural gas across the central Albertan region.

Formation of Gas Alberta

The provincial Utility Minister, Roy Farran, initiated the rural gas program, establishing Gas Alberta. It served as a broker to procure gas for co-ops, including Minco, at bulk rates.

Beginning of Construction

In December, Minco started the construction of its gas distribution system south west of Vermilion, following its franchise area established earlier.

First Customer Served

Minco turned on its first customer in January, marking the beginning of its direct service to rural Albertans in its designated franchise area.

Expanding Membership

Over the years, Minco, with its committed staff and Board of Directors, has expanded its services to 1265 members, staying true to its co-operative principles of outstanding service and the lowest possible rates.