Payment Options

Looking to pay your bill?  At Minco Gas Co-op Ltd, we accept the following methods of payment

Pre-authorized Debit

Pay directly from the bank account of your choosing.

Click HERE to set it up now!

Credit Card

Pay using almost any major credit card.


Simply send the bottom part of your bill, along with a cheque for the amount owing, directly to our office.


Prefer to pay by eTransfer? You can easily send your bill payment from your bank account to

No Cash

We do not accept cash as payment.  Please use one of the previous options.

How to read your bill

Learn how to read and understand the various parts of your monthly bill.

Hover or click on each of the magnifying glasses below, to learn more.


Your account number and legal land location.


Specific data we gather to accurately calculate consumption


The names on your contract


The dates to which the invoice applies


The previous and current meter readings, and the difference between the two.


Your true consumption, adjusted based on the data above.


Billing information, including previous balance and payments, as well as new charges on your account.


A brief summary of the amount owing and due date.